Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisifed with your purchase, believe it may be damaged or you have the wrong item(s), Zoomies Boutique will honour a full refund to you if:
  • You have not damaged the product yourself
  • Within 30 days of shipping
  • It has not been half nommed on by your fluff child

Zoomies Boutique will ONLY refund to the original payment method. 

Zoomies Boutique have the rights to offer a store credit if we choose to.

Zoomies Boutique will honour 'Change of Mind' returns on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or

Meowdy’ Mother Puppers!

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m one half of Zoomies Boutique, along with my partner Jon. At the start of 2023 after managing and working in 2 of Australia’s leading pet retailers for a number of years, I decided that I simply couldn’t take it anymore. Did it provide a stable income?
Yes. Did I get to see dogs every moment of the day?
You betcha. Did I love the people I worked with?
Eh, mostly. But the thing that eventually made me leave was the weight on my conscience. See, I got into this industry because of my love for pets and animals in general, however the longer I stayed and the more I truely learned about the welfare of our lil family members, the more I realised that the majority of what is sold at these stores was pretty average (to put it politely).

Whether it be from the poor quality food, the lack of inclusivity for different breeds, or even just the quality and aesthetic of products, the stock that I was selling just wasn’t cutting it. In fact, a lot of what was marketed as ‘healthy’ or ‘good’, just wasn’t, and often at the detriment of the very Canine & Feline pals that these stores were meant to be there for.
So, that’s why I came up with Zoomies Boutique. A pet retailer that actually gave a ‘duck about the quality and livelihood of our best friends. Everything stocked here, has to past 1 important test (well actually, a lot of tests but you know what I mean). Would I use it with my pets? If it’s a no, then I’m not stocking it. It’s quite that simple!

That leads us to now! I’m so exciting to be providing the highest quality items that actively work to better the lives of our pets.

Thank you for the support whilst joining us on this journey and remember, We’re not your average pet store. Love & Headbutts, Lauren, Jon, Anakin & Nidalee.